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the truth: true detergent


I was getting ready to lie by omission. I was going to just share a good find but I might as well tell the whole truth. Pun intended. I first saw these products promoted on social media and I wanted to support them, but I didn't, until I had to.

During the pandemic, police brutality helped shift the culture of black buying power. Fed up with not having a political voice because the African American community does not have a strong financial infrastructure, many, ME, began to take this time to spend our money with our own first.


At the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, when many were trying to figure out the best ways to stay safe and get their families the necessary essentials, so was I. One of the things I scrambled to find was laundry detergent. I was trying to order my regular popular brand of laundry detergent. It felt like the world stopped. Thanks to NY Governor Cuomo, New York City was at least on pause and because of this pause, Amazon and other Big Box retailers had very limited supplies.


Where there is a will there is a way. I remembered that brand I saw on social media and decided to order from them directly. I ordered the The True Heavy Duty Detergent and the True Lavender scent Fabric softener. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the smell. It did the job. They are my official detergent now. PERIOD. I have ordered from them 4 times so far during this pandemic. You will not be disappointed.

True Detergent is 4x concentrated and allows consumers to use less soap. It is void of any caustic ingredients and animal essences thus making it a truly safe detergent for all types of machines and fabrics and also safe for the whole family.
Powerful and economical, its concentrated nature allows users to use less soap for more cleaning power leading to tremendous savings and results.
One of the things that you will notice about True Detergent is the fact that it has low suds. Despite skeptical views about low suds, True Laundry Detergent has proven that the amount of suds does not equal the degree of cleaning power.

Visit The True Products website for more info.


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