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nice but not GOOD

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Happy New You.


2020 was...fill in the blank for you and I can't wait to do what I do best and that is UNPACK the highs and lows on my podcast and on this blog.

As usual, I've been thinking. Sorry, but I got more thoughts and questions. This time, the question is, ARE YOU GOOD?

Often times I am long winded in my writing style. I am hoping with the year we have had; I learn to arrive at my thought destination quicker. I will try. Of all of the things I have learned, seen, unlearned, gone through and gotten over during this 2.0 version of the Roaring 2020, is that although you may be nice you may not be good.

One of the definitions for nice is AGREEABLE and after spending some time thinking about that as it relates to the juxtaposition of being a human; one would have to be in a constant state of metamorphosis or fake, to always be agreeable.

From my vantage point, a purveyor of shared human experiences, that sounds exhausting. It also sounds like a lie. For me, this type of person cannot be good. In order to be good, one must exude courage. You need the courage to be your authentic self when given the responsibility to be good.

One of the definitions of good is to be appropriate to a particular purpose. The idea of a particular purpose already overwhelms the idea of being agreeable.

As I have walked into womanhood, real womanhood, the kind that only I get to define as it relates to me living and existing in authentic spaces, my circle inherently gets smaller. AND THAT IS OK. My boundaries often make people dislike me. NO part of me feels compelled to be liked by everyone. Although I feel it is important to move with grace and kindness, I do not have to be agreeable. I do not have to accept those things that dishonor my convictions and neither do you. I may not always appear nice, but I do believe I am good.

To make a long story short , NO is a complete sentence and more importantly if being nice is part of being agreeable you may not necessarily be good to you or others.

Being good takes courage. Do you have to courage to be good?

During this upcoming year we will explore this idea further. Just sit with the idea and remember you get to decide to be good.

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