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we are not your experiment!

What the whole f*ck!!!


I didn't think that this could be possible, so I followed the source and there it was on Fox News. Tucker Carlson did report:

"In Washington state, Education officials are considering letting students go back to school on the basis of their race. Non-white kids will get to go back first while white students will be ordered to stay home until the virus subsides. Now you may have thought that plans like that were eliminated with the Brown vs. Board of Education decision 65 years ago. But no, it's all coming back."

My question is, who in the Washington state school system suggested that non white students be the guinea pigs like the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment from 1932 to 1972 by the Unites States Public Health Service. These men were promised free health services only to not be told that many of them were infected. Then they were further deceived with placebo drugs and no treatments. These men were sent back into their communities with a contagious disease that could lead to a myriad of symptoms including blindness and death.

That alone is enough for the non black community not to trust the government and health care officials. I digress.

So now non black students should sit in the first seat of trial and error with the risk of death to preserve the virtue of whiteness. This should scare white folks as well, because like the war on drugs in the black community, capitalism doesn't care about you either , check the stats as the new war on drugs designed by the pharmaceutical companies to not give a damn about your inevitable addictions. IE, we first but you next and we live in a world TOGETHER! "sooo" WHAT THE WHOLE F*CK? Why is this not ANTI-Blackness? Why are those officials who supposedly said this not being called to the table of morality and being called out for what smells and looks like SH*t?

These facts only confirm, that as many want to deny racism even exists, non blacks better stop chasing the seat of inclusion and begin chasing equity and the right to BE SAFE IN ALL SPACES.

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