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“We family now!”


I am so excited that for the first time, I don't have much to say. Anyone that knows me, knows that is a hard thing to do because I usually have an extreme opinion about damn near everything.  EVERYTHING! Everything from politics, sex, spirituality, blackness, womanhood, children, history, love, relationships, finances, society at large and ALL of the ISMS especially racism and colorism. Most important to me is what it takes to be ones authentic self.

I must tell you that if you are sensitive this blog may not be for you. I encourage creating a thick skin because my opinions are strong and together with a seeing eye, shrouded in historical facts and stats, I try to share the cause, effect and solution. I strive to be transparent but I will admit,  it will be hard to box me in because "I am all of myself even as I evolve."  That's my quote y'all. I do not fit into any one box. I have always been considered weird. I don't feel weird. I feel empowered at the guts it takes to be all of ones self in a world that demands you mask who you really are in order to fit in with those WHO ARE NOT EVEN HAPPY. I think that's weird. I am however, a nerdy black girl who cares about the state of humanity.

I am gonna stop here because this is journey is going to be bumpy. We will hit some walls. We will not always agree but I do promise to take it all in. I will lead with empathy. I will judge. It will feel like like discipline. Love without discipline is ineffective. In the end my real goal in transparency is that we all grow into our truest selves before the trauma began. 

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