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no power: collective power =thought power

morning coffee


I love you Nick Cannon and I support you even if I didn’t agree with you apologizing.

You have made it clear that you study, read and know who you are. Worse, no one apologizes to black people for ANYTHING and it is because we have NO COLLECTIVE POWER. Sumner Redstone is owner and major shareholder of Viacom AND Nick Cannon's boss. So if Nick Cannon or the countless other famous black persons who have been called to the table sit down, there is no way to have an equal exchange of ideas. You will not be in a position to speak your REAL truth because you have LESS POWER. Nothing wrong with learning or humility, but if it differs from what you know as truth, what do you do? How one FEELS does not make what another says a lie. Even the truth doesn't matter if you have NO POWER.

My point here is not whether he was wrong or right but more questioning the purity of his apology. Is he is not standing in his truth because he has NO POWER. Only with power can you exercise your right to your whole self.

Meeting with Jewish leadership will leave him seated at the table like a child seeking permission to go back outside and play. A better opponent would be the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and not because I agree with all of his views, I don't, but he is an equal opponent able to stand in his truth without fear of chastisement. Those who stand with the Minister are punished and put on display like slaves to be seen by the other slaves as a means of controlling the whole. The Minister has welcomed a public dialogue and offered to apologize if he is proven wrong. So why stand on a bully pulpit for those who are not a peer in power and competence.

Worse than the alleged transgressions of Nick Cannon, are those of our current President, who has been endorsed and has accepted the endorsement of David Duke.

"David Ernest Duke is an American white supremacist, far-right politician, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He has advocated Neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories like Holocaust denial and Jewish control of academia, the press, and the financial systems." Wikipedia

My question is, if David Duke has given his support for the president and the president has accepted his endorsement, WHY has the Jewish leadership not come out in protest of the president or asked him for an apology?. FYI, the KKK hates Jews Also. I really want an answer from someone who can tell me what I am missing. Let's talk?

I support you Nick Cannon and can't wait to see how you rise from this. I will not be privy to the insane cancel culture that throws away the batch of fries because one was slightly burnt. You would think he was R-KELLY. Oh no, wait, many tried to keep him, and his batch of fries were burnt to the crisp. Any who! I digress. We cannot afford such luxuries especially if ones historical track record proves they are for US. We all must continue to collectively gain power if we wish to have power over our thoughts.

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