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b.o.w.(brand of the week) Midnight Snack Body Butter

Friday favorite



I am not even sure how to describe the smell and feel of this delectable body butter. I tried my hand at making body butters. I thought it was simple enough. It was, in theory, but my home kitchen concoctions always came out a just a tad bit grainy. SOOOO, when I came across this business on instagram, I was really intrigued by the many candles that were identical to an array of dessert treats. Funny, because I don't even like candles. The craftsmanship made me want to show support. I first ordered a sample of body butters. The smells were intense and long lasting. They were creamy and slid across my body giving me a sun kissed glow.

I immediately went back to their website and looked around. I came across the best seller, Midnight Snack. What a fulfilling snack it was!

A blend of Chocolate, Coffee, sweet Sugar and Ginger spices! Scents blend perfectly together to capture the aroma of a sinfully sweet array of rich desserts. Made rich and creamy, triple whipped to perfection. 

Triple whipped! I was sold. I ordered the body butter, even though I was a little nervous about this combination of scents. The sight offers every scent imaginable. The amount of products might be slightly overwhelming. When it arrived, I opened the jar and the scent made me feel like I was in my favorite bakery, on a Saturday afternoon, after spending someone else's money on things I really didn't need. BLESSED! LOL. I immediately went to take a shower. I wanted to luxuriate in the deliciousness of this body butter. I felt wonderful. I realized in that moment that I would be making a commitment to this brand and this particular body butter. We go together now!!! I really don't even want to share it with the world. But, I must do my due diligence and share. I will be blessed and so will y’all.


Info from their website: BENEFITS Will permanently soften skin texture with continued use. Fades dark marks & scars. Naturally moisturizes skin and hair. Contains vitamins A, E and F, essential to skin cell repair. CONTAINS: Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Silk Protein, Fragrance.


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