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Farmacy for LIFE: Hip Hop Heals


As a child of hip hop, I have consumed an array of experiences that have aided in shaping how I move through the world. Hip hop has gotten me through some traumatic experiences because I was sure it understood exactly the juxtaposition of who I was vs. who the world needed me to be. Hip Hop allowed me the freedom to be both.

I am overjoyed to share that hip hop was there for me again and this time as a full adult. Styles P of the Lox and his beautiful wife have found a way to introduce the benefits of natural remedies.


At the start of the COVID 19 Pandemic, I must admit that I was afraid, but mostly because I am a diabetic and knew that meant, my immune system was compromised. I had been eating healthy but I knew I needed to add a regimen that would promote a healthy immune system that I could trust. I am still confused that with all of the medical professionals who have made bold statements in the media, NONE of them have suggested strengthening the immune system even as they were so quick to point out which communities were at greatest risk due to health issues.

I have always trusted hip hop to tell the ugly truth and get in that gut. I had been seeing them advertise on social media and decided to go for it. I ordered the Natures Medicine Cabinet bundle which includes:

  1. Black Seed Oil

  2. Soursop Leaf

  3. Bladderwrack + Irish Sea Moss Blend

  4. Oil of Oregano

  5. Irish Sea Moss

  6. Healing Body Salve 

When it arrived, I got busy. I even ordered vegetable tablets, so I could make the liquids readily available in a capsule form for my family.


Within a week, I could notice a change. I was energetic. The diabetic medicines often make me tired but now I was feeling energized and alert. I was part of the "Essential Work Community" , grateful, but scared, but now thanks to the growth of hip hop, I was feeling empowered. I have decided to make these products a part of my health and wellness journey as I transition to a more plant based diet. Don't hold me to that last part.

I want to tell hip hop that I am glad that with all that it has been through, it is finally making the decision to heal and Farmacy For Life is aiding in that healing from the inside out with natures medicine.

Visit Farmacy For Life for more information on the natural products they sell.


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