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b.o.w.(brand of the week) BROWNDAGES


Representation matters. So thank you Browndages for representing.

I didn't even know I needed a brown bandage until I saw one. When I first used the bandage I felt seen. It shouldn't have been that deep, but it was. It felt like the day when you first saw a black baby doll, that actually looked like you, with hair like you, as an option for purchase.

Systemic racism promotes invisibility. Just think about being a brown girl and seeing the color nude described as something that will BLEND IN.

I am shocked, no I am not, that larger brands did not cater to the needs and/or wants of its black and brown consumers, but that is what invisibility looks like. Accept what is given to you and adjust.

Thanks to Browndages, black and brown folks no longer have to adjust. We no longer have to come to your home and accept what you want us to have. We now have our own home.

I found this brand on social media on the platform WEBUYBLACK.COM. They are a platform committed to showcasing businesses owned and operating by black people. Luckily I decided to purchase these bandages before the great migration of black and brown people began the collective journey to support our own. It is important if the goal is to build self-sufficiency, a seat at the table and our own table.

They offer 4 different variations of Browndages. They also have bandages that cater to children. Go to their website to support this husband and wife team. They thought about us before it was cool to think about us. PS. Thanks to that migration. Browndages has SOLD OUT.

I am happy for them, sad for me.

Visit to get on their email list.

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