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a fashionable favor: cake design at its best

Todays brand of the week is complete nepotism. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for my sister to promote her purpose, but luckily she doesn't need me to boost up her greatness because she actually is greatness.

She is single handedly the best cake baker and designer. PERIODT.


Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me introduce you guys to A Fashionable Favor and their artistic director, Christine. New York City raised self taught cake designer, this humble, no nonsense , yet sweet spirit, started designing cakes professionally in 2005 in her small kitchen.

Committed to excellence, her motto boasts that the first ingredient is love and I am a witness to her love and detail oriented execution of every special order.

Specializing in custom design, marshmallow fondant and ALL edible decor, A Fashionable Favor is fast gaining in popularity. Once you experience her delicious fluffy cakes and custom desserts a life long relationship begins, where you will be looking for reasons to celebrate.


To see more dope cakes check out her instagram account @afashionablefavor

Visit her website at A Fashionable Favor

Please be mindful that she stays booked.


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