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My story, like most, is a moving journey that is still exploring life. I can tell you that while on this journey I have experienced incredible triumphs that have fed my ego and insurmountable traumas that have humbled me with great empathy.  

I am a watcher, not just of people, but of the world. I like to see and feel. During my observations, I like to connect the life dots. I gain immense pride from dissecting the cause and effect while being able to offer possible solutions. 

I try to share the lessons learned through my experiences, as I call on a higher source to guide my energy. I speak my truth and although I have extreme opinions, my heart bares no defense. It has left room, thanks to my earned empathy, to seek understanding. 

Founded in 2020 as a need to organize the many thoughts I have and unpack them, perhaps share them with like minded people. 

I am not sure how to describe myself because I really don’t fit into any one box, however I am all of myself even as I evolve. I also have very extreme thoughts. I believe that we do what we have to do and in the small space where we can do what we want to do, I try to live in that space. In that space, I experience a myriad of adjectives. I am an intellectual. I am funny, I am an extremist. I am a mother, a friend, sister, daughter, lover and confidant. I am a black woman committed to racial equality and acceptance for all humans. I am spiritually connected. I am comfortable with my sexual energy. I am a writer and speaker in love with words. I AM...

As I write, talk and share this space with you, who I am will reveal itself even as I evolve and change. I will attempt to be transparent but even as we think we know ourselves others with a different voice and vision may see things we never dreamed of. I welcome that also and I welcome you. 

I founded run on thoughts lifestyle blog with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind.


Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to join our family.

I, Marchelle, vow to be all of myself, even, as I evolve. 

Take the Pledge with me and become 


thought thinker

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