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5 things to STOP faking

Monday morning coffee


The Covid 19 global pandemic has aided in a shift of consciousness for many. Many people have been forced to question who they are and what is important to them. As we all unload the burdens that no longer serve us, let me assist you.



You heard me, a lot of the strife you feel comes from existing in the ability to fake it through experiences that no longer serve you and probably NEVER served you. You got caught up in the hype of perception or you got tricked by old traditions. Either way, STOP.

Wonder why you feel like sh*t? It is because you are full of sh*t in your ability to not be authentic with yourself and your needs. I apologize if that hurt. NO I DON'T.


Thanks to the rise of social media and the ability to transform into an unseen ghost, one can become a keyboard villain. Don’t get it twisted, although social media allows for a larger platform to fake it, I rebuke this idea that it is the Fakebook creator.

Let’s get right to it.


1. Fake Intellect

Stop faking intellect. This has got to be some lazy mess. You mean to tell me, that you haven’t read a book since 1988 but feel compelled to spew your opinions as facts simply because you read a few meme’s. One would think, that your ignorance would fuel you to seek out the facts. Real intellect is knowing that you don’t know everything with a willingness to learn.

2. Fake Rich

The concept of faking it to you make it, has been around for a long time. I have never understood the why. People seem to be attracted to those they perceive as wealthy and I guess faking it would make it appear that you have already arrived. The question is, arrived where? To the land of things? There is nothing wrong with acquiring wealth but there is also nothing wrong with telling the truth about the hard work and dedication it took to get there. Also the truth keeps you humble and in a state of gratitude for things earned.

3. Fake Happiness

In a world where so many are riddled with life traumas it seems selfish for those who perpetuate fake happiness. It allows those who suffer to feel alone and unseen. Fake happiness, is also a lot of work. I would imagine that it must be draining. To be ON at a moments notice for the sole purpose of seeming content, when inside your spirit is screaming to be healed. Fake happiness, means that you must be willing to hold on to the pain. Let it go.

4. Fake Love

This one is difficult for me. Fake love is often fueled by trauma and an unwillingness to believe that you are ENOUGH. When people lie to you about what they offer, it is imperative that we understand that they KNOW they don’t have IT. Whatever IT is. Also fake love is dehumanizing. It breaks the spirit and causes people to question their gut instincts. Choosing to fake love someone or something means that you are existing in a space where you are unwilling to heal that part of you that you feel is unworthy of loving or being loved.

5. Fake Orgasms

If you know me then you would know, that this one most likely disturbs me the most. I can’t speak for men, but I know countless women have been conditioned by societal norms perpetuated by traditional patriarchy to lie to men as it regards to their sexual performance to save their ego. PLEASE STOP. We got men out here thinking that they are satisfying women because NO ONE HAS TOLD THEM. And women out here being penetrated, poorly to no completion. I know I am graphic, but I can tell, who got an attitude out here. Also, how is your sexual partner supposed to get better? How are you supposed to experience the euphoric ecstasy of sexual gratification with continual faketude? I made that word up, the same way you made up that you are satisfied. STOP!


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