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My story, like most, is a moving journey that is still exploring life. I can tell you that while on this journey I have experienced incredible triumphs that have fed my ego and insurmountable traumas that have humbled me with great empathy.  

I graduated with a degree in English with a concentration in Writing for Business. I love words, ideas and thought. 

I am a watcher, not just of people, but of the world. I like to see and feel. During my observations, I like to connect the life dots. I gain immense pride from dissecting the cause and effect while being able to offer possible solutions.​

Founded in 2020 as a need to organize the many thoughts I have and unpack them, perhaps share them with like minded people. 

I am not sure how to describe myself because I really don’t fit into any one box, however

I am all of myself even as I evolve. 

As I write, talk and share this space with you, who I am will reveal itself even as I evolve and change. I will attempt to be transparent but even as we think we know ourselves others with a different voice and vision may see things we never dreamed of. I welcome that also and I welcome you.


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runONthoughts CEO

I, Marchelle, vow to be all of myself, even, as I evolve. 

Take the Pledge with me and become a 


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